XA-608P+8W: IDGard 8 + 8 zone Alarm Control Voice Panel
Support Mobile Application Control,Can eliminate 99% of false alarm,,Support up to 4 keypad,Support long distance wire for keypad,Support SMS GSM Module,Support up to 9 user codes including master code,2 parties programming,4 personal reporting numbers,Alight time for automatic arm & disarm,Individual door chime mode Support 4x HAM home automation,automation,Support CMS reporting,Compatible with remote control arming,Support wired convert to wireless with supervised 2 way communication,Dimension (mm):(W) 216x (H) 138x (D) 43,Maximum operating ambient temp.50°C, AC supply volt.(Transformer):16.5 V,DC supply volt.12-14 V en
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IDGard Control Panel
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