RG-SOLAR-PL-80-18-P: Solar Panel Polycrystalline 120W-18V
Power Peak: 80W; Power Peak Voltage: 18V; Power Peak Current: 4.44A; Open Circuit Voltage: 21.24V; Short Circuit Current: 4.97A; Conversion Efficiency: 18.6%; Size: 840*670*35*25mm; Glass: Tempered glass with low iron content / 3.2mm; Cells: Polycrystalline / 156.75mm * 156.75mm; Encapsulation: EVA ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer; Aluminum Frame Process: Anodized aluminium / Color : Silver; Junction Box: IP67 waterproof rating; The Maximum System Voltage: DC 1000V; The Maximum Fuse Rating: 15A; The Maximum Reverse Current: 15A; Maximum Frontal Static Load (Snow Load): 5.4 KPa; Operating Temperature: -40°C~85°C; The Maximum Static Load Back Surface (Wind Load): 2.4 KPa; Hail Impact Test (Hail Diameter/Impact Velocity): 25mm / 23m/sen
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